Living our Deltamune values and enjoying the fruits of collaboration

The ASU guys came up with an idea of installing a gate in the first sheep camp that we don’t normally use so that we can park our cars and store our empty compost drums. We approached Jeanette with the idea and she also supported it and requested us to go and look for 3 different quotes for the gate. 1st quote was R15000, 2nd quote was R13500 and the last one was R13000. We sat down as a team and discussed that these quotes are expensive, and this may delay our plan because it will need approvals from EXCO since its above R7000.

I always encourage ASU team to come up with new ideas and think out of the box so one guy noticed that there were pedestals outside the stores that has been standing there for a while. We then asked for those pedestals from Tessa. The guys then displayed one of our values “We deliver innovative solutions fast” by making use of those pedestals to manufacture the gate and install it as it is seen on the pictures. The guys didn’t only save the cost for this project, this gate will also help in easy offloading and loading of large animals to the trucks, it’s also a short route for a guy who works in QC when he takes out his compost from the chicken house with a trolley and as its seen on the pictures the empty drums are stored neatly there by the corner and our cars are parked under the shade now.

By Tinyiko, proud Manager of her Team