Registered Vaccines

Vaccination (immunisation) is a tried and tested method for assisting in the continual fight against disease in animals. At Deltamune Animal health, our mission is to improve the quality of animal health through vaccine production. Deltamune’s vaccine production facility consists of a highly skilled and dedicated production team.

In simple terms, vaccine production requires growth, inactivation and processing of the organism, mixing the processed material with an adjuvant followed by the filling and packaging of the blended vaccine kamagra pas cher.

Since 2008, Deltamune manufactures vaccine in a new production facility where we have integrated GMP guidelines into internal procedures improving the degree to which results and products are consistently exceeding expectations. The production process involves modernized equipment that is validated according to GMP principles and every batch undergoes rigorous quality control testing to ensure that it meets GMP standards for safety, efficacy and stability prior to distribution.

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