The Deltamune Product Development division located at Roodeplaat North-east of Pretoria focuses on the development and evaluation of new and effective vaccines and diagnostic tests for diseases affecting poultry, swine, ruminants and equines to feed the company’s product pipeline.


The Product Development team consist of the Research and Development unit, the Animal Studies Unit, the Technology Transfer Unit as well as the ELISA development Unit. Deltamune’s team of highly-skilled researchers includes, veterinarians, bacteriologists, virologists and molecular biologists. The team has extensive experience in the development and evaluation of new bacterial, viral and mycoplasma vaccines and diagnostic tests. A technology transfer group specialises in the production of customised vaccines and vaccine production process optimisation and scale-up, from SPF egg-based production methods to fermentation and cell-culture.


The Product Development team’s facilities comprise a number of laboratories and animal facilities, two of which are DAFF-approved containment/biosafety level 3 (BSL-3) facilities. The main BSL-3 Laboratory and the BSL-3 Animal Facility are well-suited and equipped for safe handling of pathogens and genetically-modified organisms requiring biosafety level 3 containment. State-of-the-art insect-free stables and biosafety level 3 isolators allows for the study of vector-borne diseases and in vivo evaluation of vaccine candidates in a range of laboratory and target animals.


Deltamune’s Product Development Division is strategically important in the development and evaluation of new vaccine formulations and diagnostic tests, and is recognised as a centre of excellence for providing biological and testing solutions in production animal health.